If you want to play in the Fall you need to tell me. I hope I have everyone who told me last night.

Email the website to check whether I have you playing



1 Buddy Davis & Gene Hrubetz

2 Ron Lau & Paul Kwaak

3 Don Stevens & Bob Stevens

4 TK Kenton & Denis Weis

Last - Jeri Petersen & Shelly Maldanado

Low - Darrel Swenson & Dick Jaeckel

Average Score Prize   Denny & Jan Verdick

Triple Digit Scores Roger Dunkle & Ray Dunkle (777 2/1); Paul Briest/Adam Kalinosky (888 2/8); Dan Louviere/Jay Hokkanen (777 3/15); Ralph Marcan/Toby Alback (777 4/5)  

TIES Laverna Sieh/Virginia Braesch & Carl Diamond/Tammy Jones (812 4/19)

Mystery Scores: Frank Trouba/Dave Trouba; Kyle Kalinosky/Sandy Comer; Ralph Marcan/Toby Alback; Lisa Mayland/Corey Erickson; Jim Nieland/Rich Paskevic; Dave Anson/Mike Bosse; Dan Richardson/Mike Kramer; Dan Louviere/Jay Hokkanen; Roberta Leaverton/Patrick Roehrs; Bill Stark/Tami Clay; Shirley Jenkins/Ryan Jenkins; Connie McDonald/Denise Buboltz; Ray Dunkle/Roger Dunkle; Bil Martin/Jack Smith; Craig/Maryann Danielson; Jack/Fran Berg; Paul Briest/Steve Briest; Tim/Holly Wichita; Walt Mack/Neil Klein; Chris Hetrick/Rachel Hetrick



Description: Front of shirt has Millard Cribbage; "29" Board; One Peg at a Time; Personalization

Back of shirt has a four track board and Millardcribbage.com

Shirt color is Ash grey

The personalization can be anything you want: your first or last name; a cribbage term, etc.

Sizes:    S - XL         $20

            2XL and up  $22 

If you want to order one email millardcribbage.com or see Greg/Lisa on league night